Sub X Conference

Tom Roe, Creative Director for Convergence of 4 Dimensions, is attending Sub-X in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on
Tuesday, 3/7/2017.

As the creative force behind Silica:Nexus and a key figure in the development of Nexus Station – An XR Adventure, Tom would like to speak with anyone who is interested in participating in capitalizing the project.

Available for meetings from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. – Contact me by SMS or Voice at 561.414.9003.

Project Background:


Convergence intends to achieve mass market consumer awareness and confidence through the revenue producing XR Adventure Showcase – a Family Entertainment theatrical walk through of 5 different interface types – in a linear progression, from least to most powerful, showcasing the best content available.

  • The XR Adventure’s purpose is to educate the public on both Silica nexus and all things cross-reality while we entertain them. It allows us to achieve profitability while AR/VR consumer adoption is growing and will help build our developer ecosystem and fan base.
  • Once consumers exit the attraction into the merchandising room, staff sells them on everything from virtual and augmented reality hardware to in-game Silica Nexus virtual goods.
  • The mobile experience along with live testimonials from the center will drive on-line consumer confidence of our platform allowing the pre-selling of our virtual goods to achieve over $2M a month.
  • The XR Adventure will cost $3.5M to acquire the equipment, location and make operational in the SF Bay Area. Generating projected monthly revenue of $450k with a net profit of over $1 .2M annually.
  • From this foundation we will build The Slllca nexus Project, being the first truly multi-user Cross-platform, Cross-Reality Virtual Universe (“VU”) leveraging the crowdfunding model of pre-selling of virtual goods.
  • Crowdfunding, (the pre-selling of virtual goods), greatly reduces the risk from this traditionally hit-driven business by allowing the content to achieve profitability before It Is released.

For financial and business information, please contact our CEO, Andrew Prell by SMS or Voice at 502.424.0015 or email him at